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Let’s think into results

People have been asking me…

Nolan, tell us more about your Speaker Factor Motivational Talk.

Sure, the title was called “Let’s think into Results”. Do you believe that this is possible?

If not, let me guide you on how easy it can be. When you start practising this with all your goals, challenges, obstacles, whatever you are going through, it becomes easier to navigate your life.

In 2019, the late Mrs. Deaf South Africa Judith Madi asked my audience and me, “If none of you could hear, and I was the only one who could, who would be the person with a disability?” Wow, such a deep question. I asked myself what I can do to impact humanity, and more so the deaf community. Thinking into results always starts with a thought. One of my thoughts was to do something extreme and that was when the Climb4TheDeaf Challenge was born.

Best Motivational Speaker in Africa

What is Climb4TheDeaf about?

The project aimed to raise funds for purchasing hearing aids or cochlear implants to provide hearing to deaf children.

So here is how thinking into results works.

First, come up with an idea or thought.

Second, you then take that thought and get emotionally attached to it so that it drives you every day, pushing you to work towards it.

Oh yeah, sounds easy for you Nolan. Actually it is!

I watched videos of children hearing for the first time. Thus, I became emotionally attached to them. This made my purpose stronger.

This led to me taking inspired action steps towards this thought. One of them was learning basic sign language. I also spent more time with the deaf community, getting to understand them and their culture better.

We successfully summited Mount Kilimanjaro and raised enough funds to gift two children with hearing aids, allowing them to live a normal life, after taking those necessary action steps.

Impacting Humanity
Two children receiving the Gift of Hearing

Was that easy enough? Yes Nolan, I can do that as well as it becomes easier when we break it down into simple steps.

Exactly, let’s recap the steps:

  1. Go after the thought that you desire.
  2. Get emotionally attached to that thought.
  3. Take inspired action steps.
  4. Action equals desired results.

Yes, it is as simple as that. If you would like to hear the full journey, join me on 11 May as I speak at PechaKucha Johannesburg. Find out more.

If you are still struggling to grasp the concept, reach out to me, and let’s have a chat.

Much Love and Light.


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  1. This is inspiring Nolan, and thank you very much for sharing your approach to purposefully serving humanity.

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