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Thriving Minds, Thriving Results

Teens and Young Adults Coaching

Self Development

Growing up in a poverty-stricken background never allowed me to venture deeper into finding myself, because my mind was conditioned from an early age.

I went into a journey of self-discovery and learnt so much about myself and the limitless potential I had within. 

I chose to keep myself motivated by delving into any self-development program I could invest in – the likes of Millionaire Mind Intensive and Enlightened Warrior Power (T. Harv Eker), Thinking into Results and Paradigm Shift (Bob Proctor), MY Comeback Challenge and Date with Destiny (Tony Robbins) and Be Extraordinary, Be Extraordinary at Work, Silva UltraMind System, Super Brain, Speak & Inspire, Life Visioning, Mastering Authentic Networking, Personal Mastery and a student at Mindvalley University (Mindvalley). The results that I am getting in my personal and work life is unbelievable – something I never would have dreamt of achieving – all this with just a mindset shift.

I had the opportunity to start mentoring in 2015 and realised that my Mentees were on a similar journey but had no direction, so I implemented the same process that I tried and tested on myself, on them and the results they were getting were a massive value add to their lives. I realised that this really could work on anyone who was willing to learn and grow their mindset. It was all about living and serving my purpose.

This led me to create two phenomenal programs:

  1. Be the BEST version of YOURSELF™ is a 10-week online program which covers key values like Gratitude, Humanity, Self-Worth, Spirituality, Authentic Leadership and Be the Coach.
  2. The Be the BEST version of YOURSELF™ Transformational Coaching program is the perfect foundation to help you explore the limitless possibilities within you. It has powerful personal growth values that will transform your life and how you see yourself.

Transformational Coaching

Be the BEST version of YOURSELF is what we strongly believe in, an our Life Coaching is focused in this area. 

As a Certified Coach, with Real Life experiences, the value add is priceless!

We teach you how to dive deeper into finding your inner self, your beliefs, values, identity and your purpose in this world.

We go deep and touch on those limiting beliefs, as they need to be attended to in a meaningful way. If not, it will stagnate your Growth.

There are two ways to grow,

  1. Through pain and
  2. Through insight

It is never too late to start this process, let’s connect.

Transformational Speaking

Who wants to join ME in changing the World? I believe we have what it takes and of course I believe in YOU.

Let’s start with Transforming you…

  • Trans – go beyond the present
  • Form – formation of your life

Being an Authentic Leader who is willing to share my hard truth is what makes me unique in my talks. I believe that I am fully capable, right now to inspire change with others and allowing them to unleash their potential through public speaking. 

At StraightTalkWithNolan, it’s about allowing your real self to take the stage, letting your words and presence reflect the truth of who you really are.

Ask yourself, “What is your purpose here on earth?”

Coming from conditioned mindsets, keeps us in our comfort zone, and leads us to believe that we are just average. We are lead to think that other people who are successful have a hidden secret, perhaps they do!

I am here to tell you that we are all unique and have these hidden secrets within us, we were not created to be average and I will not allow you to be average.

I am here to Inspire you into your greatness and make you realise that “Life does not have to end where you are”. 

I recently shared with the World my journey through Life, watch it here https://youtu.be/p62u3fP7QLc

Let’s connect and transform lives.

Inspirational Stories

Coming from a poverty stricken background, and moving from a “Samoosa BOY” to a CEO and Founder, my journey is Inspiring many people.

My Life journey has taken me deep down into the valleys and up to the hills many times. Guess what? I am still here through it all.

I am a story-teller and a passionate lover of life. It is my mission and purpose to inspire others to live their life by design and not by default. 

We have realised that many stories go un-noticed and fade away with the person therefore we have created a platform to engage and connect with anyone who wishes to share their Inspirational Journeys with our wider audience. 

Do you realise that it takes only one story to Inspire others and allow them to realise that “Life does not end where you are”. 

You can view some stories from our Deaf community and many others, on our you-tube channel StraightTalkWithNolan.

We invite you to click on the link below and connect with our Team