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Motivational speaker in South Africa

Inspiring YOU to
Be the BEST version of YOURSELF!

Nolan Pillay – CEO and Founder / Speaker / Coach 


Mindset + Soulset + Heartset = Greatness

“Thank you, Nolan for your commitment and guidance to Molefe and your Coaching program, that has given this young man much belief and confidence in his capabilities of reaching, his goals and aspirations.” - Michelle Da Costa

Straight Talk with Nolan

Engaging and connecting Humans by giving them a platform to share their Inspirational stories. We have realised that many stories go un-noticed and fade away with the person. Share your story HERE

View some stories from our Deaf community on our YouTube channel StraightTalkWithNolan

Catch our Inspirational Journey’s through Life series. If I can transform from a life of poverty to becoming the CEO and Founder of StraightTalkWithNolan, YOU can as well

Unleash the power that is hidden within you.

Growing up in a poverty-stricken background never allowed me to venture deeper into finding myself, because my mind was conditioned from an early age.

I went into a journey of self-discovery and learnt so much about myself and the limitless potential I had within. View our Programs

Recovery is hard BUT regret is harder! I know how you are feeling, I have been there BUT refused to stay in the victim and self-pity mindset.

As a Transformational Coach, with Real Life experiences, I know what you are going through.

Are you ready for Accelerated Growth?

Let’s Work Together

Being an Authentic Leader who is willing to share my hard truth is what makes me unique in my talks. I believe that I am fully capable, right now to inspire change with others and allowing them to unleash their potential through public speaking. 

Born to Inspire, do you realise that it takes only one talk to Inspire you and help you realise that “Life does not end where you are“?

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About Nolan

Born and raised in a small town in Kwazulu Natal called Pietermaritzburg, a poor but humble background with all odds against me and my family, I had to face challenges daily and deal with them. At the tender young age of about 10, I had the opportunity of going out every morning, very early with my siblings to sell Samoosa’s and Murukku that my mum had made.

With the money we made, we could buy bread, which our lunch was made from. Some days we had no sales, which meant no lunch. During the latter part of my school years, I worked part time as a PA (PA = Petrol Attendant/Bowser Boy) and at a grocery store to earn extra cash to help my family. In 1989, I completed my Grade 12 but did not pass. It was a horrible time for me and I almost cost myself my life. I then had to face reality, people and the world. Thank God that within my community, people did not bother much about my situation as they had their own problems.

Contribution and Collaboration

MDSA - 2022 Triple Summit

StraightTalkWithNolan, MDSA and the I Understand Now Foundation will be doing a Triple Summit in 2022, all funds raised will go to provision of cochlear implants for children born deaf by funding the cost of the implants, related therapy and lifelong support costs, as well as hearing aids for children. Watch here…Mr. Deaf South Africa 2018 – Kurt Ryan Dirks

ABASA Wits Student Chapter

StraightTalkWithNolan has collaborated with ABASA Wits Student Chapter, to empower our youth and, create compassionate and authentic leaders.

We need your support and donations to empower the members of ABASA Wits Student Chapter. Donate today and help changes lives

Authentic Leadership - Port Elizabeth

The Learners of St Theresa’s and St James Catholic Schools, showed a hunger to become true Leaders and Champions within Port Elizabeth and in the country, I have no doubt given the opportunity to lead the community on various projects, they will excel their capabilities! Read more…Our Future Leaders

Trek4Mandela -
Mt Kilimanjaro

Trek4Mandela is an annual expedition to summit Africa’s highest peak on Mandela Day.

We were creating awareness on the plight facing young girls during their monthly cycles. Raising funds to procure sanitary pads to keep them in school. Watch here…StraightTalkWithNolan in action

Mentorship Challenge

I was humbled and honored to Join the Mentorship Challenge which allowed me to work much closer with my Mentees. To date, I have 14  Mentees who I have built an amazing relationship with. The work they are doing in the Communities is admirable. Read more…StraightTalkWithNolan_Tracy Pringle_MC

SAB 18+ Be the Mentor

As part of the SAB 18+ Program, I had the opportunity to Coach students at Oliver’s Village. 

StraightTalkWithNolan experienced amazing breakthroughs with the students, especially Molefe who was epileptic, topping the class. Read more…Olivers Village Testimonials

Inspiration 4 Charity

We needed to do something! We stepped up and created a 7-Day Inspiration for Charity program which helps our fellow citizens to deal with Fear, Mindset challenges, Meditation, Gratitude, Humanity and Change, Growth and Transformation. More Info…Sponsor Request for Charity Program_2020

Christmas Cheer

Andries Meyer old age home – spreading the joys of Christmas. Imagine leaving your parents in an old age home over the Festive period…is this how we should live our lives? Our parents would do anything for us, so why not do the same!

SABC Live interview… Love your Parents

VIP Speakers sharing their Inspirational Journeys

Straight talk with Nolan

Pranisha Chetty

Qualified Teacher, teaching English online

Straight Talk with Nolan

Given Ndonyela

Dental Therapy student in KZN

Straight Talk with Nolan

Jabulane Hope

Founder and Executive Chairman at HOPE For Africa Foundation

Straight Talk with Nolan

Jeanetha Farao

Founder and Director of PFT Creations

Straight Talk with Nolan

Joedy Ramjith

CEO and Founder at Exclusive Gift

straight talk with nolan

Khethiwe Madi

Ms Deaf SA 2019

Straight Talk with Nolan

Mo Moeketsi

Freelancer / Film / Art / Supporting Actor

Straight Talk with Nolan

Tholang Setona

Mr Deaf SA 2019

straight talk with nolan
straight talk with nolan

Press Room

On the back of a hugely successful launch on the 27th of September 2019, South Africa’s first-ever trademarked motivational program, “Be the Best Version of Yourself ™” has now officially set its wheels in motion. For program founder, Nolan Pillay, the launch is the culmination of his gutsy but carefully-planned vision of initiating sweeping change across South Africa – starting with those who have the potential to make the biggest impact on this country over the longest period of time: The Youth. Read More…

Straight Talk with Nolan

StraightTalkWithNolan Launch Event

Nolan Pillay, the creator of South Africa’s first-ever trademarked transformational program, will be hosting his launch event at Workshop 17 in Sandton on Friday, the 27th of September 2019… Read More

SABC – StraightTalkWithNolan, Trek 4 Mandela Expedition

STWN focusing on the Challenges


“Thank you, Nolan for your commitment and guidance to Molefe and your mentorship program, that has given this young man much belief and confidence in his capabilities of reaching, his goals and aspirations.”
Michelle Da Costa
Luthando Madondo, a Managing Director of a Youth-owned enterprise based in the Sedibeng District Municipality (Gauteng South) on Nolan. I had an opportunity to be Mentored by Nolan Pillay, truly a well seasoned icon and profoundly passionate leader. In my engagements with Nolan, his quest would always be to derive purpose in what we do and ensure that business solutions should be intended to enhance the life of others. I would recommend his exceptional counsel to anyone seeking it. It's truly a priceless commodity.
Luthando Madondo
“Molefe joined the class on the 26th of February 2018. From then onwards, he was never absent from school, unless on the days of him collecting his medication at the Clinic. (for Epilepsy) He was enthusiastic and eager to learn more in his Mathematics and Physical Science Lessons. No wonder that in our last revision before the final exam, he topped the class. I strongly believe that this mentorship course helped motivate him, in life in general, as well as in his commitment to his studies. ”
S. C. Mahlangu