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I Take Criticism So I Can Be Better

Best Motivational Speaker in Africa

Was being a Motivational Speaker part of my destiny? 

I recall my mum saying that when I was born, I could not speak for a few years, and when I  started speaking my words were all over the show, like “teabag” was pronounced as “teableep”.

I still battle with the pronunciation of some words and when my partner corrects me, I tell her, as long as my message is delivered and the person knows what I mean, that is important.

For me, when I get onto stage or have any conversation, my habit is to leave everyone that crosses my path with some impression of increase. In this way, the talk added some value to the person or to the audience. Try it, you will enjoy the conversation even more.

A year ago, I joined the PSASA – Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. My goal was to be a better speaker, learn from the best in the Industry, get all the tools, techniques, criticism and guidance as this would allow me to grow as a speaker. 

Many people are scared of criticism or what they see as negative commentary, this is normal as we are human and get emotional at times. I can honestly testify that when you adopt an attitude of accepting any kind of guidance or advice from those who have walked this journey, you will realise how much more you can grow. Don’t see anything as a negative, see the message in it.

Motivational Speaker

In the last year, my growth in PSASA is visible to the point that I have now reached the finals of the Speaker Factor competition

What is The Speaker Factor competition about Nolan?

The Speaker Factor is the annual PSASA speech competition for emerging speakers who are Associate Members. Each year in February and March, Chapters will host Chapter competitions to determine their winning candidates who will represent at the Semi-final and final during the Annual Convention in April where a grand champion will be announced.

This winner gains an automatic speaking slot at the next year’s convention.

I can tell you that the requirements are not easy BUT anyone can do it.

The finals is on the 21st April in Cape Town, I am visualising being this year’s Winner! I’ll naturally, let you know how it goes.

Thank You for your well wishes in advance.

Much Love and Light,


Motivational Speaker in Africa

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3 thoughts on “I Take Criticism So I Can Be Better”

  1. This was a great read, it was a great reminder that the things we can’t do in the beginning will be the things we can accomplish and Excel in . I wish to maste my fears and weaknesses and thi passage truly inspired me to do so.

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