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Your support empowers South African youth and creates a brighter future for all

StraightTalkWithNolan has collaborated with ABASA Wits Student Chapter, both organizations believe in giving back to society, empowering our youth, and importantly compassionate and authentic leadership.

Furthermore, both are striving to create more authentic leaders for a better future for South Africa and Africa.

ABASA Wits University Students Chapter

Our mission at the Association for the Advancement of Black Accountants of Southern Africa (ABASA) is to provide programs and activities that redress inequalities, and create access and opportunities for black South Africans in the accounting profession.

We undertake to Lead, Follow And In Turn Create More Leaders. We aim to produce leaders of superior quality by providing our members with initiatives for developing leadership, professional and networking skills. We believe in pushing our members out of their comfort zones to learn new skills which will allow them to unleash their potential and become the best version of themselves. We see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and failure as part of success and not the opposite of it. We strive at providing holistic support to our members, so it was therefore a fit to partner with StraightTalkWithNolan to offer our members the opportunity to go through the Be the BEST version of YOURSELFTM program for Teens and Young Adults. Watch our #RiseUpForWomen video  for more information about our partnership.

StraightTalkWithNolan | Be the BEST version of YOURSELFTM for Teens and Young Adults Transformational Coaching program

Growing up in a poverty-stricken background made life difficult but I overcame this challenge through my journey of self-discovery, hard work and perseverance. I have learnt we all have limitless potential within ourselves.

I have created the Be the BEST version of YOURSELFTM transformational coaching program for Teens and Young Adults , so that I can assist our youth in moving forward with their lives, to take their power back and achieve the success they have always longed for. It is designed to give our youth the tools to unleash their incredible personal power to become authentic and compassionate leaders South Africa and Africa need. I had the honor of coaching three of the executive members of ABASA earlier this year. Read the value they have gained from Be the BEST version of YOURSELFTM program for Teens and Young Adults.

Support and donate to #RiseUpForWomen 

For StraightTalkWithNolan to empower our youth, the ABASA Wits Student Chapter, we need your support and donations. It is more than just a donation you are making. You are changing a life, and creating empowered, authentic, and compassionate leaders our world needs to progress.

You can help us make this vision a reality. Sponsor a Student today, using the below banking details:

Bank: Nedbank

Account Name: ABASA Johannesburg Branch

Account number: 1953420214

Branch code: 195305

Reference: ABASA WITS

Please email the proof of payment to abasawits@gmail.com

Give this solid foundation to our youth, so they can explore the limitless possibilities within themselves. The powerful personal growth values they will learn, will transform their lives and how they see themselves.