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Taking an ice immersion challenge on a cloudy day!

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When my friend, the philosopher and writer Jacques de Villiers told me about the Sunday meditation and ice immersion sessions at the Namaskar Wellness Hub, I was curious and immediately picked my hand up to join in the fun. 

One of the co-owners, Howard, rightfully said that 99% of people will find a reason not to do something that is out of their comfort zone.

But the 1%….why not? Glad to be part of the 1%.

There were a few clouds in the sky, with slightly colder temperatures when I left home but I was determined to achieve what I had set my mind to do. That is what goal-driven people like you and me do, we don’t make excuses. 

When I got there, I was welcomed into a meditation that focused on the mind, hosted by Michael. Just being calm, focusing on my breath and acknowledging the present moment was satisfying to my soul. If you have not tried mediation as yet, I would suggest you learn more about it. I would love to hear your feedback.

We started by immersing our hands into the ice bath for about two minutes, just to experience what the body will do when we go in. For me, I had experienced really cold temperatures when I worked in Poland, so minus 20 degrees was not too bad for me…well I had warm clothes on. This time it was just my shorts as you would see in the images.

My turn approaches, I get in and immediately immerse my whole body except for my head. 

The clock ticks, and after three minutes, it feels like thirty minutes…almost like time stands still. Howard asks me if I want to submerge my head as well, so I decide to take a rain check on that one. Five minutes later, it’s over and I come out of the wooden ice bath, greeted by my towel and a warm fireplace. 

Okay, I know you are curious as to the benefits of ice immersion.

Here are some,

  • Aids muscle recovery, oh yes this helped me after my 13 kilometre hike on Saturday. 
  • Relieves pain.
  • May boost your mood, I am sure this will help a few people I know…lol.

Will I do this again? Hell yes…I plan on doing this every two weeks.

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Much Love and Light,


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