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My COVID Journey

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My COVID-19 journey. I chose life over death!
Techniques and mind hacks that got me through it.



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My COVID-19 journey. I chose life over death!
Techniques and mind hacks that got me through it.

I remember the day clearly. It was a Friday, 16 days after having been diagnosed with COVID-19 pneumonia. I broke down and was in a bad state as thoughts ran through my head. Is this the end of my precious life? What is going on – people around me are dying? Must I witness all of this and still focus on my recovery?

14 reviews for My COVID Journey

  1. Namita Buerkle

    In this time of our lives, where we are facing the global COVID-19 pandemic, we could all use more support from others.
    Through this heartfelt and inspiring book, written by my dear soul brother Nolan Pillay – CEO and founder of StraightTalkWithNolan – he shares his deeply personal journey and recovery from COVID-19 pneumonia with you.
    Through the sharing of his experiences, the techniques and mind hacks he used to recover, he knows he will be able to save as many lives as possible.
    Nolan has become an important person in my life. From the moment I first met Nolan, in an online community, I was inspired by him to be a better person and was drawn to his persistent positive energy. Even when he was in hospital, he still inspired me. He truly practises what he teaches in all his Transformational Coaching Programmes.
    He is a force to be reckoned with. 😊
    I am more at ease knowing that I will recover if I do get infected in the future. I also know that I will overcome any challenges I face, just by using Nolan’s techniques and mind hacks.
    This is a must read for all of us as we do not know how much longer this pandemic will continue and it will surely give you the tools to fight and to recover.
    Choose life today!
    Namita Buerkle

  2. Ntombi Siyazi

    Amazing and inspiration to all of us what a pleasure To give us a hope well done Nolay Pillay

  3. Jef

    A most read

  4. Vishen Sewpaul

    A very touching, no holds barred journey of the author’s account with COVID pneumonia. Included in the book are some great techniques to overcome difficult situations and in his case, a life-threatening one.

  5. Alicia

    This book has such amazing mind hacks and techniques that can help you combat Covid-19.
    Nolan your story is very touching and it motivates me to fight any challenges that come my way! Thank you!

  6. Pravitha Moodley

    Congratulations Nolan. An extremely mindblowing story of a Covid-19 survivor. Nolan’s video is just a fraction of his experience but never with such intensity and power like his book. My admiration for him goes far beyond his fight for survival. He helped other patients with his simple yet incredible techniques to fight Covid-19 and alleviate pain. I love the fact that he held on to his faith during his plight. It makes one realise just how precious life is and this very life can be taken away in a split second. Congratulations and well done again Nolan Langa’Libalele Pillay. You’re an incredible author. 👌🏼🙏🏽

  7. Sharyn Naidoo

    Congrats to Nolan Pillay on publishing this great book.. It was truly an inspiring read…wonderful tips on dealing with Covid. Really enjoyed your book Nolan .. Waiting for your next one now ☺️.. God bless you.. Take care and stay safe

  8. Bhavna Govender

    I had the pleasure of virtually meeting Nolan through a mutual group, getting to know the smart, powerful, positive person was a pleasure as we share the same law of attraction vibe.

    When he got ill, I followed that journey prior to the book and his mindset was and still is amazing.

    When I got the book, I could not put in down, we read many books in our lifetime but this one connects us all, as we all, around the world individually hold our invisible hands, as we get through this pandemic together.

    Nolans story was heartfelt and touch and most importantly, his mindset was the strongest “organ” at that time and teaches us how important it is to never give up.

    Thank you Nolan for the book, it was indeed a pleasure of meeting him too.
    Amazing guidelines ands tips for us all to use.

    Great book, great read and a must read for all!

    Bhavna Govender

  9. Seema

    This book is a must read. Authentically wrote, well done Nolan. You were not an author but you did it. So proud of you. Your story gripped me from beginning to end, it was so fresh that i can relate to every day when you were ill.

    Continue to inspire and shine your light of love and compassion to the world.

  10. Devika Jadoo

    Anyone that’s been affected by Covid 19…irrespective of your personal experiences or if you’re still unsure if this virus is still alive and kicking…..you should read this book about this young man’s fight to live! And his strong will to survive and motivation to overcome this virus…..Here our very own inspirational young man Nolan Langa’Libalele Pillay has come from a near death experience re: Covid 19….learning how to take baby steps again and has become the author of this inspirational book❣Get your copy now….its a brilliant read 📚!….Thank you Nolan for an exceptional read with brilliant tips on how to survive this pandemic. 🙏

  11. ADAM (verified owner)

    Never have the words mind over matter been more important than in this story of a mans fight for survival. If you are a fan of Nolan and his work then you will love this book and the lessons it provides

  12. Lise Colas

    Dear Nolan Langa’Libalele Pillay

    Your book is truly inspirational, not only for those who are fighting Covid but also for all of us who are fighting our own life battles.

    Your courage and the strength of your mindset is an example. It shows the way and makes us grow stronger !

    Thank you for sharing your world with us.

  13. Darren Archer (verified owner)

    Just finished my first book of 2021

    My Covid Journey by Nolan Langa’Libalele Pillay

    It is an easy read.Nolan is an inspiration to many and he has shared of what he was going through when he had covid. He had it really bad. My heart ached to learn of what he was doing through.

    Like Nolan

    – I love caring humans. Its beauitful to watch how compassionate the person is with another.
    – I also dislike wasting food and get upset when I see a food wastage.
    – 2021,I had covid too and was really very sick. I was fortunate not to go to the hospital.
    It took me a while to be myself again after Covid.
    – He mentioned that we shouldn’t forget of our roots. I am always staying on my ground. I don’t think I am better than anyone. I always treat everyone equally and help when I can.

    The mind is the most powerful tool we have in our body and if we optimise it then it would allow our lives to take a course that we never imagined possible.

    Nolan has sent us a message that people who are admitted to the hospital due Covid,to please not to be put onto the ventilators. Its game over if you use it.You will be let down.
    Allow them to have a fighting chance to get better without the ventilators.

    Thank you Nolan for inspiring me on your journey.

  14. Win Phyo

    This past year we have been struck by COVID-19 worldwide. Fear has been one of the predominant emotions we have all faced in some way, shape or form. The loss and the collective trauma that is present as a result is huge. We have wept for the people we know and equally to those we don’t know. Truth does exist in paradox and I believe Nolan’s book is the other side of the equation on what has happened. I remember, half way through doing a strength training quest with him on Mindvalley, he suddenly disappeared. I later learned that he was fighting COVID-19 and have been spending his days in the ICU. Guess what? He survived to live and share his message of the very paradox of life – that even in our physically weak and most vulnerable moments, comes the opportunity for an immense amount of mental strength and learning. Fear is only one side of the equation and even in the midst of fighting an unknown, unseen enemy, with an immense amount of courage and preserverence, we can get through it.
    This book has been a godsend for me in the past couple of weeks, as I recover from my own health issues. I truly truly believe that this book will provide the healing for anyone who has lost someone over COVID or someone going through the situation. I felt like I was with Nolan, behind the walls of ICU, experiencing the same paradox of being in pain yet not giving up in order to move beyond it. He taught me that we are only limited by the capabilities we put on ourselves, in whatever situation we are in, COVID or otherwise.
    This book has the power to bring closure to the losses and changes that have happened within the past year. Even for those of us who haven’t had COVID, every single one of us were affected by the uncertainty that assumed and we are all still living and fighting through it as we speak.
    Let’s do something kind for ourselves. I savoured the book over the past couple of months, reading chapter by chapter, making notes and reflecting to bring a sense of peace and closure for myself on the collective experience. If you know someone who could do with reading Nolan’s book, pass this message along. This is also a gift to yourself to make sense of what has happened. In times of a global pandemic, this book is a necessity in so many ways.

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