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Ignite Your Faith launching on 16 June

My Chapter – Climbing Toward My Purpose.

Author Life of a Motivational Speaker

Ignite Your Faith, a powerful compendium of true faith stories, is coming soon from Ignite Publishing™

A new book is coming soon from internationally best-selling empowerment publishers Ignite. Their latest upcoming title, Ignite Your Faith, brings together unique, heartfelt, and inspiring storytellers from around the world to share their real-life stories on faith. These personal viewpoints give us a thorough understanding of how our faith influences our identity and lives as individuals. It provides much-needed insight into this aspect of our being.

Guess what? I’m an Author in this soon to be “Best-Selling” book. 

Best Motivational Speaker in Africa

Throughout each chapter of Ignite Your Faith, each author offers readers a glimpse into some of the most transformational and impactful moments of their lives. Readers will get the chance to dive into first-hand accounts of people who have had their faith strengthened through challenge, adversity, change, growth, and much more. Every author has shared not just how they ignited their faith, but how others searching for a light in the dark can discover what faith looks like to them.

Many of you may or may not know of my journey. I go deep and share my real-life experience with vulnerability, authenticity and compassion. 

Even though life has kicked me hard, I still keep going and striving to better the world. It’s my way of being grateful that I’m still around to make a difference.

If you have not checked out my Obstacles Make Me Stronger programme on Udemy, make some time. It will be worth it, I promise you. You only need 20 minutes a day to benefit from helpful recordings, tools, and techniques to navigate obstacles and challenges.

Are you currently having a moment of faith? If ‘yes’, get in touch with me, I’ll recommend you to Ignite Publishing.

Here is the full media release for Ignite Your Faith.

Much Love and Light, Nolan

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