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About Nolan

About Nolan

Born and raised in a small town in Kwazulu Natal called Pietermaritzburg, a poor but humble background with all odds against me and my family, I had to face challenges daily and deal with them. At the tender young age of about 10, I had the opportunity of going out every morning, very early with my siblings to sell Samoosa’s and Murukku that my mum had made.

With the money we made, we could buy bread, which our lunch was made from. Some days we had no sales, which meant no lunch. During the latter part of my school years, I worked part time as a PA (PA = Petrol Attendant/Bowser Boy) and at a grocery store to earn extra cash to help my family. In 1989, I completed my Grade 12 but did not pass. It was a horrible time for me and I almost cost myself my life. I then had to face reality, people and the world. Thank God that within my community, people did not bother much about my situation as they had their own problems.

I slowly realised that I needed to be thankful and grateful, as it was a lesson well learnt. Besides, my parents did not have the funds for me to further my education, life was tough and this would have drained them more. God has always been by my side, the same year I got employment at Lipton Tea as a Packer/Sweeper. I took on the job with open arms just to get a salary and help my parents. I DID WHAT IT TOOK! It was here that I began to realise that this is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my Life. The tough conditions made me stronger and more motivated to do BETTER with my Life. I started working extra time to get more money and study while working. This lead to me moving between various positions within the company until I transferred to Unilever Boksburg in the year 2000 as a Technical Engineering Buyer.

This was a Game Changer for me, I worked extremely hard and self-studied which lead to me getting one of the highest qualifications in the IT world…I became SAP Certified, all on my own hard work and perseverance. The reason why I say this was a Game Changer is that it allowed me to leave my comfort zone as a permanent employee into a contractual role, yes working for myself.

This also got tough at times but the freedom outweighed anything else. Prior to me being SAP Certified, I also got my Production Management and Purchasing/Supply Management Diploma’s. I was still not satisfied and had loads of energy in ME! I decided to venture further into the MLM – Multi-Level Marketing space and was successful in the three programs I did. They say Life happens and YES, it brought me down to size once again in 2015 when I had no work for over a year and a half. This was one of my biggest life challenges ever as I found myself unable to provide for my family.

This was tough and I pressurised myself even further because I felt hopeless. I thank God for my wife Seema who has been a pillar of strength and support to me, and my children who stood by me during this time. The biggest lesson I learnt from this was that when you fall down…lying on your back…you are still looking up to the sky and one should not give up so easily. I decided I AM NEVER GOING TO GIVE UP! I kept my prayer and my sanity intact, and started to pick myself up again. In 2015, I also founded #straighttalkwithnolan but did not do much with it although I had the time.

I had the ideas and the plan with the project but had no heart for some reason to pursue it. Life did get better, I was called by a friend and offered at position at one of the biggest companies globally ABInBEV. I accepted the opportunity because I needed to put food on the table and make sure my family has a place they can call home. Forward wind to 2018, #straighttalkwithnolan is back in action and was officially launched in September 2019.

This is the most exciting project I have ever worked on because it allows me to work on MYSELF first and then help others work on THEMSELVES! This program is based on the daily challenges we face and how we can handle them better. We are all individuals in our own right and we owe it to ourselves to be the best version of ourselves. No one is going to change our mind-sets, we have to adapt and make the decision alone. This is where my program will help you make those hard felt decisions.

I went into a journey of self-discovery and learnt so much about myself and the limitless potential I had within. Growing up in a poverty-stricken background never allowed me to venture deeper into finding myself, because my mind was conditioned from an early age. I chose to keep myself motivated by delving into any self-development program I could invest in – the likes of Millionaire Mind Intensive and Enlightened Warrior Power (T. Harv Eker), Thinking into Results and Paradigm Shift (Bob Proctor), MY Comeback Challenge and Date with Destiny (Tony Robbins) and Be Extraordinary, Be Extraordinary at Work, Silva UltraMind System, Super Brain, Speak & Inspire, Life Visioning Mastery, Mastering Authentic Networking, Personal Mastery and a student at Mindvalley University (Mindvalley). The results that I am getting in my personal and work life is unbelievable – something I never would have dreamt of achieving – all this with just a mindset shift.

We can choose to sit back and watch others move forward with their lives, or we can choose to take our power into our own hands to achieve the success we have always longed for – Be the BEST Version of YOURSELF™ is one of the programs that will give you the tools to unleash your incredible personal power – you cannot afford to walk away from this opportunity to change your life?

Its time to Live and Serve our Purpose!